Patient rights & responsibilities


  • The right to information concerning which healthcare services can be found, and what fees are involved.
  • The right to be provided a clear description of your health condition, together with diagnosis, prediction (i.e. an opinion regarding the possible future course of any disease ) as well as the treatment suggested including frequent dangers and appropriate choices.
  • The best way to know that the name of any drugs prescribed, and also its regular activities and possible side- effects contemplating your health condition.
  • The best way to take or deny any drug, treatment or investigation, and also to be advised of the probable consequences of doing this.
  • The right to another medical opinion.
  • The best to have your privacy, dignity and cultural and religious beliefs respected.
  • The best way to get the health advice that relates to a illness and treatment.
  • The best way to get information concerning your medical condition kept confidential.
  • The best to make a complaint through stations supplied for this purpose from the Hospital and also to have any criticism dealt with promptly and reasonably.

Your responsibilities as a Hospital Patient

Medical care in a hospital environment is a partnership between patients and healthcare employees. Giving you the fundamental rights that we’ve outlined previously brings with it certain essential responsibilities.

Give your healthcare suppliers as much info as possible about your current health, past illnesses, any allergies along with any other pertinent particulars.

Follow the agreed and prescribed treatment program, and conscientiously comply with all the directions supplied.

  • Show consideration for the rights of other patients and healthcare providers by obeying the hospital rules regarding patients behavior.
  • Maintain any appointments that you make, or educate the clinic or hospital as soon as possible if you cannot do so.
  • Don’t ask healthcare providers to supply erroneous information, certificates or receipts.