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You would not discount a physical catastrophe like a broken arm or a third-degree burnoff. During a period of emotional or psychological distress, additionally, it is important to seek out support. We are here for you.

At Healing Hospital, our community of committed psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, therapists, and technicians deliver compassionate, short-term or severe psychiatric mental health services that allow you to feel better as fast as possible. 

Our group of top-ranked doctors will utilize a multidisciplinary approach to mental health therapy, designed to bring you peace, healing, and relaxation. By treating you as an entire person — mind, body, and soul — we offer care that will help you overcome your struggles and flourish.

Some wounds are concealed, but it does not mean we can not find them and allow them to cure. Before, during, and long after an investigation, you can depend on Healing Hospital for undivided support and unparalleled psychological health remedies for depression, bipolar illness, anxiety, PTSD, and much more.

At Healing Hospital and medical care center, you are backed by a whole community of psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, case managers, and nurses, in addition to nutritionists, religious guides, support teams, and health coaches. 

Every single professional you experience succeeds to cultivate every part of you personally, supplying the whole-person mental health services which could direct you down a route of assurance, trust, and renewed strength.

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Advanced Psychiatrist Services

Sometimes a jog in the park, a wholesome meal, or a fantastic night’s sleep may turn a bad day into a better one. If you will need a bit more support, we are still here. Our community of whole-person care suppliers supplies a range of specialty behavioral health care programs developed to help lift you up and take control of your mental wellbeing. A number of these behavior-management resources comprise:

  • Diet and Nutritional Counseling
  • Exercise Facilities and Trainers
  • Sleep Assessments
  • Spiritual Support

Our support teams are also here to help you feel comfortable, supported, and understood. You are never alone on this trip.

Emotional distress can be as debilitating as a bodily illness, and that’s the reason why in Healing Hospital, we do not employ cookie remedies to mental-health remedies. 

Rather, we work together with you one way to make certain every component of your attention is personalized to your own condition, feelings, and needs.

We begin with a comprehensive mental-health evaluation. You will speak to our psychiatrists, take some medical and mental evaluations, and get a thorough assessment. 

After that is completed, we will get a clearer idea of how to proceed forward. No matter your treatment program, we will be here together with the compassionate mental-health support and services that you want.

Whenever you suffer from a psychiatric crisis and don’t feel like, you need answers. However, above all, you want stability and relief. In your times of greatest need, rely on Healing Hospital to ease your mind and attention to your spirit, helping to guide you to a place of relaxation. 

We’ll work with you personally, one-on-one, to rate your psychiatric illness and provide a mental health care plan to satisfy your specific needs. We are experienced in assessing and caring for patients having a range of behavioral issues, including:

  • Chemical Dependency Detox
  • Depression
  • Mood Disorders
  • Self-Destructive or Suicidal Behaviors
  • Intense Emotional Distress
  • Stress/Trauma Disorders

If your loved one is unable to care for him or herself, you can depend on us. 

In times of distress, focus on breathing during every moment. Then visit us for assistance. It is our privilege to comfort you and lift you up if you need us. Our acute inpatient psychiatric care team is available 24 hours a day, tracking, checking, and caring with you together with all the empathy and understanding you have earned. 

Our group of experienced doctors and psychiatrists are pioneers in the behavioral-therapy area, with particular expertise in severe pediatric behavioral health services. We work to alleviate your psychological pain with continuous support and kindness, all to set you to a brighter path.

Your mental health remedies might include a combination of these:

  • 24/7 Tracking
  • Continuous Patient Assessment
  • Follow-Up Maintenance, Scheduling Appointments, Handling Medicine, and Developing a Continuum of Care
  • Medicine Prescriptions
  • Short-Term Treatment — Either Individual, Group, or Family
  • Transition Planning

Our job is not done when you begin to feel much better. As a part of our ongoing dedication to your psychiatric health, we will work together with you to make certain to have the tools you want long once you leave our centers. It is not only about feeling better today. It is about feeling that the best in the months and weeks to come.

Patient Testimonials

  • “This was my first time accompanying my father to visit with Dr. Manish. I found the entire experience very helpful, comforting, and informative!”

    Gyanchand Verma
  • “I see Dr. N.P. Singh for my thyroid and other health issues. I felt that he was very thorough, very personable, knowledgeable and friendly.” 

    Harbhajan Mann
  • “On behalf of my wife, who was a patient in your hospital, I humbly submit my sincere gratitude to the management and staff of Healing Hospital.” 

    Vineet Singh
  • I would really like to show my gratefulness to all the staff at Healing Hospital. They offer remarkably good service and always ready to guide me. I especially want to give thanks to Dr. Bimal who helped me in getting out of the tooth pain.  

  • “Dr. Karun Singla was excellent. I felt well informed and sincerely felt they cared and had a passion for their patients. My surgery went perfectly. I’ve had more than one urologist but found the one I’m staying with. Healing Hospital’s staff was all well prepared, your practice is a well-oiled machine.”

    Gurmeet Dhillon
  • “The care I received at the Gastroenterology Department of Healing Hospital is beyond words. I developed ultimate confidence in the doctors and the whole staff.”   

    Ayushmaan Singh
  • “The doctor is very knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. He took the time to explain each phase of my treatment and surgery. He answered all questions and addressed my anxieties thoroughly. I believe that he saved my kidneys!! Thank you!”

  • “I trust Dr. Mithun more than any other doctor I've seen in the past. I've never liked seeing a doctor, but I feel comfortable coming to see him.”  

  • “I’ve needed imaging exams many times, so I value being somewhere that I’m comfortable, and I don’t like spending a lot of time sitting in waiting rooms. That’s why I keep coming back to Healing Hospital Radiology. It’s a comfortable place where people are super nice to me, and the waiting times are short.”   

    Varun Awasthi
  • “My family and I had an amazing experience, start to finish. The office location was convenient and helped when making appointments. It was a pleasure meeting Dr. Preeti and Dr. Ekawali during my care, and I was very comfortable with them.” 

    Babita Sharma

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